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Default Re: The guy most comparable to Kobe is Julius Erving

Originally Posted by bumpyknucks
I dont even know why Im bothering to respond...Im the farthest thing from a Kobe lover but even after saying that go watch some Dr J games...his game was extremely limited...not for his era...but if you are going to compare him to todays player his game is limited. He had no left hand, no range and limited ball handling ability. Like I said, Im no Kobe nut hugger..but you cant seriously say Erving was a better basketball player.

Doc had plenty of left hand. did he use it that often? no. but he didn't have to. he could finish with it quite well. Doc was an excellent ballhandler. if all you saw was highlights you might not know that. ballhandling is not just rocking a guy side to side then driving by him. it's using your dribble to move around on the court. Doc was also deadly from about 15 ft and could hit the bank shot from about 12 ft out

watch and learn:

as for today's ballplayer a lot of the "ballhandling" players do now is stationary and useless. more palming of the ball etc. not to say guys like Lebron and Kobe don't have nice handles but for the most part it's no more effective than Doc's who could get to the rim with just as much if not more consistency than Kobe. 20 ft jumpshots weren't favored back then even when the 3 point line was first introduced.

one thing I know to be true. Doc with the ballhandling he had in HIS era would still be very difficult to stop especially since the paint is so soft now.

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