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Default Re: ricky rubio next barca player to go to nba.

Originally Posted by Lakas Fan Yo
I'm glad that Barca and Real are trying to improve their rosters a lot more now. It seemed like it was becoming all about Panathinaikos, CSKA and Olympiacos but now the two big Spanish clubs are really trying too. There's 5 really strong teams and honestly I think any of those 5 teams would give a lot of NBA teams trouble.

I am expecting a final four of

Real Madrid

at least how things stand right now. Siena looks pretty strong too.
Barca already had a strong team last year. for me they were the strongest team, beating pana twice. Siskauskas in the 4th qtr of the semis made the difference.
Cska don't look as strong this year,provided the 4 teams you mention dont coincide in the qtrs ,I agree. Though cajalaboral(TAU) are also strong.
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