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Default Re: Things that were fishy about the 2006 NBA finals?

Originally Posted by Shepseskaf
Where there's smoke, there's usually fire. The reason that people still talk about that series is that it didn't pass the eyeball test. Forget stats; you could simply watch the games and see that something was wrong.

Why was it that after the series, so many people questioned whether it was rigged? Has any Finals in the past decade drawn as much doubt as to the officiating? No.

I remember having loads of friends who were casual observers of the game ask me why the series was rigged.

So, I'm going to watch all of the games again, as someone has already suggested, but the memory of how the series went down, and the overwhelming reaction to it among fans and non-fans was enough to convince me that something just wasn't right.

The problem was the rules the NBA had come up with that year. It led to historic scoring from guards and made it nearly impossible to stop players like Wade without fouling.

That was the issue. It was not rigged. The refs did their job. They called fouls where the NBA told them to call fouls based on the soft new rules.

My only complaint is game 5. Game 5 was a pretty big joke. To lose a close game in that fashion while getting screwed by the refs is tough to take. Just didn't think the Heat earned that game. It wasn't as bad as game 6 of the 02 WCF....but in the same ballpark.

But that series was not rigged and the Mavs did not play well enough to win.
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