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Default Re: Give me something to be excited about...

Originally Posted by Harrison_Barnes
He has been playing well lately.. hopefully he can keep it up.

And I am slowly starting to wish we trade Sonny.. he just seems to be holding DeMar back..
Derozan's game is very limited. I guess the other teams are adapting a little bit to his game now. Those 20ppg couldn't last.
I don't know what Weems has to do with that.

Ed Davis is a talented player. If he stay healthy, I think he can improve quickly.

BTW, nobody will say anything about Ajinca? I know that he is another shooting big right now, but he is only 22yo and he is an athletic 7'2" center. I know it sounds crazy now, but I'd love that Bargnani and Ajinca compose the next twin towers
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