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Default Re: Give me something to be excited about...

Originally Posted by FCardelle
Derozan's game is very limited. I guess the other teams are adapting a little bit to his game now. Those 20ppg couldn't last.
I don't know what Weems has to do with that.

Ed Davis is a talented player. If he stay healthy, I think he can improve quickly.

BTW, nobody will say anything about Ajinca? I know that he is another shooting big right now, but he is only 22yo and he is an athletic 7'2" center. I know it sounds crazy now, but I'd love that Bargnani and Ajinca compose the next twin towers

Funny, how you only show up when DeMar starts to go through a bad stretch again. Gee, I gues Bargs' game must be very limited as well then since he's been absoloutely useless lately. The funny thing is DeMar has a better post game than Bargs and has been getting more rebounds than our 7 footer.

At least DeMar's stepped up in other areas when his shot's not falling. His defense/rebounding/playmaking has been solid the last couple of games. He's been averaging 5.5 rpg (more than Bargs), 4 apg, 2 spg, 1 bpg in the last 2 games. DeMar's going to have ups and downs. I don't think most of us thought he'd be averaging over 15ppg this soon. With so much to improve on, I wouldn't be surprised to see him average 20 next year.

Ajinca and Bargs...the next twin towers? Maybe the next twin pansies.

Ajinca's just another jump shooting big man with no post game. He's a back up at best. Bargs should be our 6th man.

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