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Default Re: Off season moves

1] Nash & Duhon to the Bucks for Luc Richard MBah A Moute & Ekpe Udoh. Lakers also receive the rights to Isaiah Cannan (43rd pick of the draft).

-Bucks use Jennings to get a player that would be a better fit. Nash can be the temporary point.
-Lakers save $5 more in 2014, acquire a big with size and a nice defender at the three. Canaan is also someone I'm really high on in this draft.

2] Maintain Clark with a 3 year/12 million deal. Player Option for year 4. Keep Glock to a 2 year/2 million deal.

3] Drop the team option for Jodie Meeks

4] Sign Will Bynum to the Mini-MLE. Sign Roger Mason Jr. to Vet Minimum

5] Fire D'Antoni. Hire Dunleavy to a 3 year contract with the last two being options. Dunleavy would be a great fit with the two bigs.

6] Get injured player exception for Kobe to have 16 roster slots. Use $$ of exception to sign Nick Young to one year deal with a PO for year 2.

New DC:

CE: Dwight Howard | Jordan Hill | Ekpe Udoh
PF: Pau Gasol | Earl Clark
SF: Luc Richard MBah A Moute | Ron Artest
SG: Nick Young | Andrew Glock | Roger Mason Jr.
PG: Will Bynum | Steve Blake | Isaiah Canaan

With one open roster spot left.

All three shooting guards are damn good shooters and you have two good defenders at the three. Bynum/James/Canaan is a huge upgrade at the point guard slot, at least imo, since they are decent scorers and better defenders.

Dunleavy would do real well with this squad as well because he prefers to grind it out and he would flourish with Pau/Dwight down low.

Might just need a better shooter at the three.

Originally Posted by DKLaker
Yeah, time for Metta to go.....maybe the ex Laker stealing Clippers will want

Hey, hey, hey. Who have we stolen besides Turiaf. Lest you forget that Matty boy and Khloe were Clippers to start their careers. Y'all stole them along with Radmanovic and Steve Blake
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