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Default Re: Off season moves

Originally Posted by tamaraw08
My biggest concern about Granger is shooting accuracy or lack thereof. Last time he shot above 45% was 2006. Last 4 years, he shot below 43% including 29% last season. His career FG% is 43.7%, now add that with Kobe's 45% and you will get a tandem that are not very efficient shooters.
Yes, bringing in Nash to the Pacers backcourt makes sense, provided that he would be healthy.

Granger would turn into a spot up shooter though. The exact same role that MWP had, except he'd probably connect on more of them.

And when needed, he could also be a go-to guy.

But I don't want to invest in him too much. With all the injuries we've had this year, the last thing we want is to trade for someone who basically missed the entire 2012-2013 season.
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