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Default Re: Greek League Making Another Push For NBA Players

Originally Posted by la bomba
difference with spanish and greek league, apart from the obvious depth is the crowd attendance. In greece you get matches with 400 spectators!

That's why they want to put all the games online and in English. And give all the teams TV contracts. And the attendance thing in Greece is really exaggerated.

Greece has extreme rules on counting attendance. No one from the soccer clubs gets counted and no one with season tickets gets counted in attendance figures. Like last year Olympiacos had 9,500 season tickets not counted and Panathinaikos had 8,500 season tickets not counted.

And as an example there was a Panathinaikos game in A1 where 13,000 fans were not counted because they came from the soccer arena. For some reason no one outside of Greece seems to understand they count attendance differently.

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