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Default Re: Greek League Making Another Push For NBA Players

Originally Posted by Lakas Fan Yo
Well Peristeri and Iraklis are historic teams in Greece. The ones with those low attendances are teams like Panellinios and Maroussi. Although they are certainly among the stronger teams in Europe (very good at Eurocup level and even decent probably at Euroleague level) they don't have the history behind the clubs to have a good fan base.

In reality, both of them started about 10 years ago. Panellinios goes way back and was once a big club but then for decades they were in lower divisions. Maroussi much the same and even though Maroussi has by far been the 3rd best team in Greece this decade still they have only about that 10 years of history at the top level.

Panellinios actually didn't even make it back to the top division until a few years ago. So they really don't have much of a fan base. But clubs like Iraklis and Peristeri have a lot more recent history than them so they will draw more attendance. Actually Peristeri should be back now. They are back in A1 and they have a 4 million euros budget. They also renovated and expanded their arena last year I think it was.

So mainly those attendance problems are with Maroussi and Panellinios which is sad because they are pretty strong clubs.
I apologise for using two historic teams it was just to give an example.
Maroussi look like they have a strong team,with good signings this year.Was in maroussi only a month ago.nice area.
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