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Default Re: If the knicks were to blow up the roster what would your team be interested in?

David Lee and Crawford.

If the Knicks "blew up" their team, would they be trading guys or buying them out? If they were trading dudes on the cheap, I'd move Kwame (expirer) for Lee and Crawford plus whatever it took to make it work under the cap (Randolph Morris?)

Lee's a great energy and hustle guy. Shoots a good %. Reminds of Horace Grant. He'd start at the 4. Crawford I'd have coming off the bench to score with the 2nd unit. I know he's considered a chucker.. and he kind of is.. but if he was given a sixth man role to come out and throw up shots, I think he'd be pretty effective, kinda like Barbosa. He's a heck of a scorer.
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