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Default Re: Which player you base your game on?

Originally Posted by Swaggin916
I can't really think of a gaurd who posts that isn't a good passer. Billups, Payton, Kidd... then there are 2's like Kobe and Jordan but it's kind of egotistical to compare yourself to them lol (they and pass fairly well too).

I guess Billups would be the closest player I can think of tho.

I do have the MJ/Kobe approach to the game and the ability to post up as a shooting guard, but that is where it ends. Well, I first thought Billups but he isn't a scoring shooting guard like me. I actually though Tyreke was a decent comparison as far as playing style. Haven't based my game on him though. But I have a big body for the position, gets most points in the paint, not the best passer (he's decent but not very good). I do post up more and my jumper is decent when I am not changing my form like right now.

Does anyone know a way to improve my passing ability.
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