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Default Re: Are these legit basketball arguments?

Originally Posted by B-Low
"I've been watching since _____" and "you weren't even born yet" are valid IMO.
I think those two can be kind of valid but I think most often they are not. For instance, I was alive and very basketball conscious in 1997 (I was 13 at the time). Similarly, everyone else I know my age was also alive and in their teens at that time. However, 99% of them (and probably 85% of my basketball fan friends that age) do not have a deep understanding of what basketball players were doing at that time. I know folks a lot younger than me who'd know much more about '97 basketball than the teens who claimed to be big fans back then.

Moreover, I could see some people I know say, "Juwan Howard was awesome. You wouldn't understand because you weren't even alive then. I've been watching basketball since 1995." In truth, that person didn't actually watch a single bit of Howard back then and is not really any more qualified to make a definitive statement than anyone else.

Or, I'd look at it like this. How many people who watch basketball right now have a completely distorted view of a large portion of the game itself? I know quite a few folks, often college students, who become superfans of their university team despite never playing ball in their life and suddenly appoint themselves basketball savants. Their opinions aren't worth much now and very well may not be worth much 15 years from now.

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