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Default Re: GSW is #1 due to the best 3-pt shooters - don't act like they're the best ballplayers

Originally Posted by tontoz
But that doesn't fit with Pops quote. If his quote was accurate then you wouldn't have to keep coming up with excuses.

Only 24 of their 110 points came from 3s last game and they still won.

Curry and Klay actually move without the ball. If they pass the ball, they immediately start running trying to get open.

Who else on their team is a threat from 3?

Iggy 33%
Green 28.5%

Those are the guys playing the most minutes.


This thread should open peoples eyes...

This team is an awful, awful shooting team outside of Chef and klay.


And every team they have beaten.. has made MORE 3's than they have.

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