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Default Re: GSW is #1 due to the best 3-pt shooters - don't act like they're the best ballplayers

Originally Posted by 3ball
Today's game is a 3-pt shooting contest - the team with the best 3-pt shooters will be #1

So my point is that GSW is #1 because they have the best 3-point shooters, not the best basketball players

Curry is just a system player that is lucky his 3-pt prowess happens to coincide with a 3-pt contest league..

without the 3-pt line, the former Davidson star wouldn't be a prospect, let alone an NBA player.. he only became a prospect when the 3-pt shot became popular
Curry is just a system player. i agree.
every great system needs great players /bulls/lakeshow/spurs.. you agree?

you think curry is not great. i respect that and im sure one day (soon) you'll change your mind
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