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Default Re: Serbian international team?

Originally Posted by la bomba
Who do you play for?are you a good outside shooter?most serbian big guys can shoot.I like Erceg,he is serbian isn't he?and Labovic another Zeleznik player ,atleast last year they were.Are they still at Zeleznik?I hope it all goes well for you.I wish I was taller I play but i am only 6'2. 6'7 would have been ideal for me!lol

I play for Sport-key from Novi Sad, weak team but affiliate of BC Partizan Belgrade. U can see me at this link I'm good outside shooter. My game is simillar to Erceg's (he is Serbian). Erceg and Labovic are still in Zeleznik, Erceg was not picked on this year's draft and Labovic will apply for 2008 draft probably...
Where are you from? Spain?
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