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Default Re: What if Kidd doesn't work out?

If he doesn't work out, then don't resign him and rebuild. Thats what I think...

If not I would probably do Raef Lafrentz(expiring), Joel Pryzbilla, Steve Blake, and a 2009 1st round pick for Jason Kidd and Devean George.

Not that bad on us financially and we net some pretty good role players, along with an expiring and a 1st round pick. The Blazers on the other hand get Jason Kidd as an expiring to sign all their young players to long term deals in the future, as well as to mentor Bayless and Sergio. They don't need anymore picks since they have an abundant of young players already.

With that pick, I'd suggest we draft a pg like Darren Collison or maybe trade up for someone like Jennings.

Don't if its a good trade or not. Just popped in my mind as I read this thread.
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