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Default Working Out For Basketball

What body type is best for a forward? I've been lifting for a while now, hoping to get bigger to muscle into the paint, but a friend of mine advised me against it. He said it's better to be ripped and athletic, rather than be big. I was shooting for a Dwight Howard body type: big, yet athletic. I'm currently 15, 5'11.5" (and growing), and 150 lbs.

Thoughts or advice?

Edit: This is for a high school basketball team. I didn't make the final cut this year and I was devastated. I'm dominating the next tryouts.

Edit 2x: Thanks to Swaggin, I've been getting up to the rim very consistently with one hand. When I go up with 2 hands, I can only tap the rim. Hopefully I'll be able to tip in put-backs by next October.

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