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Default Playing while high

Anyone else do this?

I play SO much better while high it's ridiculous. I'm not talking a little better...I'm talking doubling my ppg output. I was probably putting up around 10ppg in the two leagues I play in and I started smoking the last 3 games and I've put up 12, 18 and 19 in a row. My rebounding is down a bit though because I'm not as aggressive, but my game is SO MUCH SMOOTHER. My jumper is midrange and threes haven't even been hitting rim...nothing but net. I'm finishing around the rim like I haven't since I was 15 years younger (I'm 39) and NOTHING rattles me. Nothing. I used to beat myself up over missing an easy shot or making a dumb play and it would make me play worse. I would get on some crazy cold shooting streaks because of this. Since then...I don't think I've ever missed more than 2 shots in a row...and I'm probably shooting at a 60%+ clip.

As an example of how much it has helped my shooting...I used to be a pretty good three point shooter back in the day (early 20s). These days, when I warm up, my shot is on...form and release is consistent and shot is smooth. Then the game would start and all that would go out the window. My mechanics would shot would look different every time and I was just off...BAD off. In probably 30+ games, I made THREE....count em...THREE 3 pointers TOTAL. If I had to say, I was probably 3-20 or something from behind the arc. The last three games since I been smoking? I made FOUR three pointers...shooting 4-6 with the two I missed in and out heartbreakers.

My defense is better too. I still get beat by quick guys who can drive by me on occasion but I been averaging like one or two blocks, getting steals and no one has been able to post me up.

Anyways...just wondering if anyone else does it with similar results?
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