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Default Re: Who here has watched a full Raptors game this season?

Originally Posted by bokes15
I used to listen to 70+ raps games/season on the fan 590 back in the day (although I don't consider myself old at 23). And the other 10 or so i'd catch on CBC/CityTv/Global because we didn't have any cable at home. Now that's a time I can say I really loved this team because I definitely couldn't see myself pulling off that kind of devotion right now.

I would clear my schedule and make plans based on raptor games back in the day. When i wasn't in town i would make sure i had an online link ready and a good internet connection to go along.

also to add, if we didn't have bargs we would have someone else doing what he is doing now. its not like bargnani is an incredible efficient scorer. He is an average scorer. Please stop praising bargs as if he is carmelo anthony or kevin durant type of scorer. he is not.
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