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Default Re: which current player had highest gpa

Originally Posted by sundizz
You are kidding me right lol? A 3.1 isn't bottom of the class lol. There are a lot of people that don't even graduate, or fail out. Also, the curve at a school like Harvard is a 100x more competitive than at a state school. I know, I transferred from an easier school to a harder school. That 90-100%you are used to getting is now a 75-85. Also, his major was economics at Harvard. Not the type of major you take if you just are trying to skate by and hoop.

Granted he went to school in Palo Alto, so his high school was probably as hard as Harvard lol.

Yeah, you are correct. At top 10 schools, 90% of your class will test into the 99.9+ percentile of America (at least top 1 in 1000) when entering college.

Yes, there is a crapload of grade inflation but the competition is intense. An A from a average school is no where near comparable to an A from an elite private school.
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