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Default Re: Lineups and Decision Making

Originally Posted by Reef
Casey's reason for putting Bargs back in was spacing. What a dumbass. Spacing is great if the guy can buy a damn bucket. Did he not see us catch up when Bargs was on the bench? He's a fu.cken puppet.
I'm glad I didn't see that interview. Spacing! Really? SPACING??? Like Ed Davis was bringing so many things to that game spacing didn't matter. We were clearly holding our own by having a beast in the paint rebounding, dunking and playing stellar defense. Casey needs to smarten up or he's got to go. I wish we had a defiant, hard ass coach like Popovic who gives playing time based on strategy and performance rather than name and contract size. But as you said, BC wouldn't hire someone unless they were gonna be his puppet so that kind of signing will never happen under his reign.
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