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Default Re: Top 5 Soon To Be Draftees You Wanna Watch In The NBA

Originally Posted by AtTheDriveIn
I've never been impressed with Beasley and all the rest of the guys at the front of the draft. When you see them enough in the NCAA, then you can just read the numbers and have an idea of how they're going to look in the NBA. Obviously, numbers don't tell the whole story, but when you're generally just not interested, then they tell a good percentage of it.

Anyway my guys:

Nathan Jawai - Australia
Bill Walker - Kansas State
Richard Hendrix - Alabama
Danillo Galinari - Italy
Omer Asik - Turkey

Bill Walker here too, along with the other 2 studs from the state of West Virginia..OJ Mayo (Of course) and Patrick Patterson (he'll prolly come back since he's hurt this year, but he'll be a good pro)
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