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Default Randolph/J-Rich for Ray/Dirk?

Someone offered Randolph and J-Rich for Ray allen and Dirk on my team.
I'm already leading in FG%, FT%, and 3pt%, but behind in rebounds so I'm very inclined to take this offer.

Jrich gives me more 3's than Ray this year.. and he also gives me more things like assists and steals. The thing with Ray is his high percentages. But Jrich's is not so bad?

As for Dirk and Randolph, Randolph is averaging like 13 rebounds now. His FG% is also great. I don't know what Dirk will give me when he comes back, maybe just 20/10?

Basically I'm in need of rebounding NOW, and I don't really need Dirk's points. But I'm afraid the FG%, FT%, AND 3PT% of my team will drop. Do it?
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