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Default Re: Durant vs Lebron: Skill vs Brute Force

Originally Posted by ripthekik
Is there a bigger contrast in the league than these 2 best players?

Durant is the best scorer, he scores so easily because of his length, his shooting accuracy, and plays very efficiently.
Lebron is the unstoppable one, who overpowers his opponents with his strength and body, then goes for the layup or dishes it out.

Can anyone guess who's game will last longer, and who will drop off the face of the planet as soon as his athleticism declines?

Also, the way they are on their great teams now. KD's Thunder is a great story.. all of their best players come from draft picks. Durant, Westbrook, Ibaka.. even K-Mart was traded from Harden, another pick. This team was built was the ground, and the team grew with the same players.

Lebron's heat? It was form by 3 players who had previously led their own franchise for more than 7 years. 2 of the top 3 players in 2009 decided to join together in a team, probably due to one of them deciding he couldn't get it done in any other way.

Lastly.. the way they signed their current contracts. Durant went about it old school style. No flash, just signed the max without making a fuss or testing the free agent market. Not to mention the fact that he was willing to put his future in a team with a small market, he doesn't believe he needs to go to a lucrative franchise to get help and attract other stars.

The other one? Promised he won't leave until he wins them a championship. Dragged it out all year long without giving the team an answer, then decided to be the only player on history to make an one hour "decision" on live television. Decided to go to the bigger market to join another top 3 player who had single-handedly won his own championship just years prior. And to top it off they celebrated with a live event, claiming it would by too easy, and 8 championships were to follow. We all know what happened that year.

Is there a bigger contrast between the top 2 players like this? It's like yin and yang, good and evil, skill and brute.

Just it enjoy instead of all this sh*it. These next years ahead of us are going to be an era that will always be remembered. We're witnessing this. I'm glad after the drought of late 1990s early 2000s NBA. These dudes are amazing.
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