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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Well haven't been in this thread in a long time, so here are the movies I've watched in the past few months:

Dallas Buyer's Club

8/10 - Solid movie, great acting, shows how the FDA really ****s people over. Would rate higher, but to be honest I was not interested in the subject matter and would not watch again. However I still recommend everybody see it.

The Wolf of Wall Street

10/10 - Great flick from beginning to end. Best movie I've seen in a long time. Had me rolling every step of the way, and Leonardo plays a dirtbag very well.

We're the Millers

6/10 - Highly disappointing, had high expectations. It was passable, and not boring, but only a few laughs and too feel goody for the story.

Ender's Game

9/10 - My old roommate was way into the book, so I already knew the storyline (although never read the book myself). Still I thought the movie was great and didn't come as being too kiddy despite the cast. Very cool scenes and overall a great sci-fi movie which is a rarity these days.

Bad Grandpa

7/10 - Like everything Jackass, lots of laughs. Knoxville plays the old man role perfectly, and you end up wondering how child protective services didn't get involved.

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

6/10 - I got suckered into watching this with the wife somehow. It wasn't as awful as I expected, but don't watch it unless you are very bored.

Monster's Inc

6/10 - Another movie I didn't really want to see, but ended up watching with the wife. As typical no Pixar movie is really bad, but just not my thing. Also I can't stand Billy Crystal.

American Hustle

10/10 - Great flick, and would easily be the best on this list if not for the Wolf of Wall Street. Also even though she does a good job, I think Jennifer Lawrence is miscast in this movie. She is way too young for her part. Bale is great as always and Amy Adams is smoking. Might be the best role of Jeremy Renner's career, I didn't even realize he was in the film.

Hunger Games: Catching Fire

6/10 - Eh, the movie is exact clone of the first one, up until the ending, which oh by the way doesn't really exist. Just a giant to be continued. Avoid watching it until the series is complete.

Thor: The Dark World

6/10 - Okay I really enjoyed the first Thor, but the only good thing about this movie is Loki. Like the other Marvel sequels so far it is a big letdown. The plot is convoluted and nonsensical. Tom Hiddleston is acting circles around everyone else in the film.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

7/10 - ****, another dragged out movie with no resolution. I still like these movies better than Lord of the Rings (Those bored me to death), but this one isn't as good as the first. Way too many scenes in this movie were overdone. Like the elves fighting the orcs while the dwarves escape... I just wanted to yell out, "Okay we get it, next scene please.". However the scenes with Bilbo and Smaug saved the movie and were very tense at least in the theater setting, I don't know if they will seem as good on the small screen.

Machete Kills

6/10 - Even though its a bad movie, it's still a lot of fun. Worth seeing for the Machete Kills Again: In Space! trailer alone. However where is the nudity in this film? It's supposed to be Machete for ****s sake. Seems very toned down compared to the first, and Mel Gibson, his monologues are so damned boring and pointless. The movie tried too hard to move things to space for the sequel...

I'll do some more of these later maybe.
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