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Originally Posted by jrt1584
They'll be taking a long flight back to denver tonight from LA to get ready for a rested Wolves team. KG's gonna have to come up big though if we're gonna have a chance and he's gonna need some help against the Nuggets frontcourt because they got a ton of talented big men they can throw at him. This is the kind of team that Mike James could come up big against, as I dont see Andre Miller being able to shut him down at all. Hassell has always played Melo tough as well so Ricky Davis will have to stay up in JR Smith's face to prevent him from going off. Nuggets lost a close one in LA tonight and the Wolves had a full days rest so i'll change my original prediction of a Nuggets win to a Wolves win, 91-88.
I like your call, only be cause of the tough loss by the Nuggets. I don't know whether that makes a difference though. It's always a tough bout between these two teams. They are in the same division. I think the Wolves have this one though, I told you guys we will win 7/10 of the first games and I stand by my word. KG will take us there. I've never seen the guy so active ont he floor like a mad man when he's on the floor. The difference between last season and this season is KG can take a rest and our players keep us in the game instead our players blowing a 15 point lead while KG is on the bench. We ready 4 war!
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