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Default Re: Happy New Year! Laker game tonight

Originally Posted by L.A. Jazz
watching the NBA regular season i look at what teams do in crunch time. Good teams find a way to win games (even when playing bad), mediorce teams only win when the played good the whole game and bad teams find ways to loose (even when they played good).

And our Lakers are such a mediocre team. Talented group with bad habits and that shows in crunch time. the dunk that sealed the game for the 76ers was the summary for this team.

Crunch time......since we have no halfcourt offense it's hard to win.
The other problem is that our coach doesn't have the slightest desire to play defense, it's no surprise that the dunk happened, we have no defensive identity, so attitude, no swagger.....this problem comes directly from the coach.
I was amazed by the complete lack of defensive rotation, no one knows what their role is so we quite often have 2 or 3 guys running to pick someone up....or no one because they think someone else is going to pick the guy up.
Some guys just need to have a coach yell at them to do the was he thinking in a 2 point game late, he should've been guarding his man and not sagging so far away, then he should've been moving to close out on him when the ball was swung to him but he never even moved until he went up with the shot. I think someone was yelling at him because he was looking at someone all the way up the floor and gesturing that he thought it was someone else's fault.....just dumb.

Too much standing around on offense.....late in the game when Metta was wide open for a 3, the rest of the team stopped way behind the 3pt line as they usually do in that situation, had he shot it they were not even going to attempt to rebound the ball if he missed. If you are behind late you HAVE TO attempt to rebound every miss, one 2nd chance basket can make all the difference. Overall we just watch, no cutting no crashing the boards.....unless Jordan Hill is in. Dwight and Pau have been detached from any importance by our clueless's embarrassing and I don't think there is another coach in the NBA who would do this poor of a job with this level of talent.

It is extremely hard for me to watch from a coaching perspective.....'Antoni just flat out doesn't get it. If I owned the team i would fire him now and not waste any time......I am pissed I couldn't believe we even interviewed the guy in the first place. Jimmy the drunk thought we had so much talent that anyone could coach it.....this is how little he knows about the game.
I seriously hope that before he dies, Jerry Buss gives full control of the team to Jeanie.....she's the only family member other than Jerry with brains, skills and knowledge.

LF, for the record, there are a few coaches in the NBA I would prefer over Phil....but of course they are unavailable.
At the time we got 'Antoni, Phil was the obvious choice but I would've been just as happy with Sloan.
B.Shaw, I'm not sold on him, he's too nice and I don't see him being able to crack down on guys. If I was going to go with a newbie then DFish would definitely be my first choice, he has all that you look for in a coach and leader.
Bottom line if not Phil or Sloan, we had absolutely no reason to give more than a 2 year was idiotic to do otherwise....but hey.....that's Jimmy.

Boring or not.....that half court stuff offense, defense and rebounding wins championships. That flashy crap doesn't.

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