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Default Re: Happy New Year! Laker game tonight

Originally Posted by DKLaker
LF, for the record, there are a few coaches in the NBA I would prefer over Phil....but of course they are unavailable.
At the time we got 'Antoni, Phil was the obvious choice but I would've been just as happy with Sloan.
B.Shaw, I'm not sold on him, he's too nice and I don't see him being able to crack down on guys. If I was going to go with a newbie then DFish would definitely be my first choice, he has all that you look for in a coach and leader.
Bottom line if not Phil or Sloan, we had absolutely no reason to give more than a 2 year was idiotic to do otherwise....but hey.....that's Jimmy.

Boring or not.....that half court stuff offense, defense and rebounding wins championships. That flashy crap doesn't.

I woulda loved Sloan too and Im sure you remember me saying that over and over. I was mad that he wasn't even in the list of 3 being considered. I thought that was stupid.

I'll tell you what though, Im really loving what Frank Vogel has done with his Indiana Pacers team. A lot of young and raw talent that he's getting molded into one great team effort every night. Wish we had someone like that. Young, energetic, and smart.
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