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Exclamation 2006 2nd round

The 2nd round made me sick. All the GM's did was draft international players to stash them overseas. This screwed the college players over who are ready and dying to play in the NBA right now. Over half of the international players wont come over, ever. The NBA needs to make a rule stating that international players who want to play in the NBA must show teams they are trying out for their overseas contract status, and a buy-out price if they are under contract overseas. If they enter the draft they must be ready to come over to the NBA that season. If they have rules on American players, then they should have the same rules on international players. They also need to make sure if they can only enter their name in the draft twice, because Tiago Splitter has entered his name for the last two years before pulling out both times. If they don't change these rules, then they should cancel the 2nd round. The way the NBA judges talent is by potential, athleticism, and size. They should base it on statistics (esp. FG%), fundamentals, and shooting. They also should look at the conferences or the leagues the players played in. Mike Gansey (biggest screw-job), Kevin Pittsnogle, and Chris Quinn played for the best conference in America and posted great stats, but they didn't get drafted. If Pittsnogle was international he would be a top 10 pick. He shoots better than anyone at that size, besides maybe Dirk and can come off screens and shoot. He also rebounds better than most international players, which isn't saying much, because he average around 5.5 rpg. Other players who went undrafted from big conferences are Curtis Stinson, Daniel Horton, Matt Haryasz, Eric Williams, Allan Ray, Marco Killingsworth, Erick Hicks, Rashad Anderson, Thomas Gardner,Taquan Dean, Gerry McNamara, Nick Caner-Medley, Brad Buckman, and Taj Gray. Undrafted players from smaller conferences included Justin Williams, Steven Smith, Darius Washington (left too early),and Kenny Adeleke, and Jose Juan Barea. Most of these guys should have been drafted. I don't think size makes a big difference (wing-span is more important), and potential is a dirty word that rarely is fulfilled. The NBA also relies on individual workouts way too much, when they should just watch college basketball and see who performs on the biggest stage in a team game. I want a baller who can ball now!
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