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Default Re: A Game of Thrones

Originally Posted by rufuspaul
The way they depicted Margery was surprising to me. You can tell from the books that she has a certain conniving nature but it's way more subtle. Same with the Renly-Loras relationship. It's hinted at but nothing as graphic as what was shown last night. Still I like the way HBO is handling it, only more naked Margery and less gay make-out scenes please.

Yeah, my opinion of them doing a great job with Marjery is more that she was hot and naked than I felt she was depicted particularly well from the book. I agree it's much more subtle in the book. In fact she almost comes off as a bit naive in the books at time, nowhere near that agressive. And the Renly Loras relationship I don't see at all in the books really. The snarky sarcastic Renly remark about "Marjery's a virgin?" was an interesting touch.

The other big alteration from the book I noticed was that I felt like the Arya raid scene was timed out differently in the book. Didn't they get away, through the trap door, and wound up hiding in the woods with the four of them, then getting caught later? It felt like they compressed a bunch stuff into one shorter sequence. I don't feel at all like it was for the worse however. Frankly Arya's road trip can get a little confusing after a while, so to trim out a thing or two here or there isn't gonna be the end of the world.
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