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Default Re: Off Topic: Are These the Top 20 Rappers Ever?

Originally Posted by GOBB
There really isnt no wrong or right answer. Its basically "My opinion is conflicting with yours so I'm just gonna say you're list is wrong/off". If someone doesnt want Em in thier top 10-20 then so be it. Everyone is gonna have questionable lists based on what I said in italics. That simple. Its music.

That said whoever clowns Fresh Prince/Will Smith is a dyckhead. And I'd email your mother and tell her this as well. He's made a lot of hits and has been able to produce almost ageless music. Meaning kids, teens, young adults, adults to old people can listen to his material. He's made a lot of songs based on a movie he was in. And did a great job relaying his material to fit in with the movie unlike some artists. If my mom and my moms friend can listen to his music/like it and compliment him then he's doing something right. Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song is stuck in anyones head who was a fan of it. He wrote that. And offtopic DJ Jazzy Jeff is one of the best DJ's of all time and an underrated producer who doesnt get enough credit. Dont ever hate on Will Smith without reviewing his career. Show some respect.

How about Marky Mark?
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