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Default Re: Raptors, Kings Close On Rudy Gay Trade

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
If the Raptors don't draft a long-term option at PG in this upcoming draft, I wouldn't be surprised to see Vasquez re-signed to a short and relatively affordable deal.

I'd be shocked if Lowry (snip and Amir ??) aren't trade sometime soon. I'm hoping the Raptors are shopping Derozan as well but wouldn't be surprised if he stays.

I'm not worried about this move affective the tank. You don't get players like Hayes, Vasquez and Patterson to make a push for the playoffs.

Q I follow you right up to the last point. I agree to disagree on 3

1) I would not be surprised at all to see Vasquez play here next season and after that. Better backup PG than what ESPN calls our Pupu platter at the one.

2) I actually totally agree about Lowry. Not sure on Amir although he is expriring in 2014 15 as I recall and therefore a very good asset "next year". Like you I assume Demar is here to stay.

3) These guys may be scrubs but where the Raps are, where the rest of the conference is, where the new rotation can actually improve the team O ....

I will hold my judgement.

If we move Klow/Amir/Landry and get talent back this very well could be a push for the playoffs in the east. This kind of depth team with cap room is exactly what MU had in Denver. It allows you all kinds of options.

Right now I would be willing to bet that we will see a move - perhaps a 3 way move to get Klow to one of the NY teams and we get a player and a pick back... further it will be a player to make a push for the playoffs
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