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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous
I went to see The Fighter last night. As someone who's lived on and off with an addict brother for the past 7 years, Christian Bale should be nominated for an oscar. I'd say he should be a lock to win, but frankly I haven't seen enough this year to say for sure. All I know is he was spot on. Honestly, there were spots of it that cut a little close to the bone.

It was really outstanding. It's got a few moments that I would describe as a bit hokey. Amy Adams felt a bit tacked on, even though she did a pretty good job. The griminess of the area would've been interesting to see how Aranofsky would've handled it, because that seems to be something he excels at. I imagine it would've been grittier but perhaps not quite as light in spots. But with all the ins and outs that happened with this movie over the years, getting Bale as Dickey Ecklund was worth all the frustration. I know there was a time when Wahlberg was gonna play Dickey, I just can't imagine how that woulda worked. Damon was supposed to play Mickey in that scenario.

Overall I'd say high 80s.

Very good analysis. Solid movie overall. It starts off a bit slow and there's a couple of instances that were,as you said, hokey or corny to start things off.
The third act was really good and gave the movie momentum and a strong finish, left it off on a good note.. Wahlberg, imo, is not a very good or believable actor, which is even more obvious when he shares screen time with the incredible Bale. Man, was Bale solid in this role. The Batman movies made me forget about this guy's range.

The intro/outro interviews with both of them was wow, something else, you could tell Wahlberg was just sitting there going, man can this guy act! ....Makes the Calvin Klein model's whole career seem obsolete in comparison.

The movie has an old school feel to it. It's nowhere close to a Raging Bull, but in this day and age, where good big budget hollywood flicks are few and far between, I'd rate this movie a solid 8.
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