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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Originally Posted by macmac
Very good analysis. Solid movie overall. It starts off a bit slow and there's a couple of instances that were,as you said, hokey or corny to start things off.
The third act was really good and gave the movie momentum and a strong finish, left it off on a good note.. Wahlberg, imo, is not a very good or believable actor, which is even more obvious when he shares screen time with the incredible Bale. Man, was Bale solid in this role. The Batman movies made me forget about this guy's range.

The intro/outro interviews with both of them was wow, something else, you could tell Wahlberg was just sitting there going, man can this guy act! ....Makes the Calvin Klein model's whole career seem obsolete in comparison.

The movie has an old school feel to it. It's nowhere close to a Raging Bull, but in this day and age, where good big budget hollywood flicks are few and far between, I'd rate this movie a solid 8.

You're right about Wahlberg. One of the worst performances in one of the worst movies I can remember from the past decade was him in The Happening. And I sort of like him. I have such a fond memories of him in Boogie Nights. But the thing about that is, he's playing a character that expressly can't act, and is uncomfortable. It was a perfect fit really. This movie was his baby though, and he deserves some credit for that. He was all over the place trying to get this made. Was willing to play any role, or step aside all together. He must have some connection to them from his days back in Boston. I didn't really think he was that bad in this. The moments where was overwhelmed by Dickey's charisma played right into where he was next to Bale.

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