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Default Re: D-Will, King Tour Barclays Center; Williams Calls Arena Site "Special"

Yeah well surprise surprise, Lakers fans are complete homers. Not much better than Knicks fans.

I read some of the comments and they're like "Yeah, I'm scared as hell of Bynum's knees and his inability to toughen up down low..........but I'm sure Orlando would interest us in a Bynum for Howard trade straight up. As for Bynum AND Odom? Are you crazy?"

Idiots. As if the world revolves around the Lakers. Sure, I would also love a Howard for Lopez trade straight up, but I have some sense that's a pipe dream, and the salaries don't match.

Anybody trading for Howard has to come out hurting. People aren't going to cater your next championship. It's called making a sacrifice. Of course LA fans don't know anything about that, they got Pau Gasol as a christmas gift.
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