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Default Re: Michael Jordan was the only LEGIT 1996 FMVP candidate besides Kemp.

Originally Posted by LA Lakers
Rodman "only" averaged 14.5 rebounds per game! Haha. "Only". Most players can only dream of dominating the boards like that. 14.5 average! Are you kidding me? That is insane. Rodman was cleaning up the glass no doubt.

You do know that Rodman's nemisis Kemp had 23+/10+ as PF & compare that to Bulls PF 7.5/14.5.

that aint enough to win FMVP over MJ who had 27+/4+/5+

no matter how you slice it.

MJ's assists stats went down cuz he played OFF THE BALL big time in this series more than 1997 finals & particularly 1998 finals..

Pippen was the PRIMARY BALL HANDLER & still tanked the whole series.

Rodman was GREAT but he was not FMVP worthy at all.

Rodman must average DOUBLE DOUBLE at 15rpg to be considered FMVP.


Rodman needed to average 20+rpg/7.5ppg to get FMVP over MJ.

he did not do it.
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