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Default Re: Falcons are the best team in the NFL.

Falcons are the 3rd best team by a distant margin. The 49ers and the Texans are clearly the best teams in the league and they will meet in the super bowl. The Texans are the most complete team I think I've ever seen.

Elite passing game, elite running game, elite defense. The only weak area is special teams

The Falcons are very fortunate to be 5-0, they've won all 3 games that were decided by a touchdown or less. It's not like they're dominating opponents and they've played trash.

@ 1-4 KC, give me a break
2-3 Denver at home
@ 3-2 SD who just lost to the 0-4 Saints
1-4 Carolina
@ 2-3 Washington who didn't even have their starting QB the majority of the game.

Some juggernaut

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