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Default Re: how many years before thabeet can dominate

Originally Posted by beasted86
As you already agreed, that's not saying alot, nowadays.

Really mediocre guys like Andrew Bogut, 35yr old Marcus Camby, and oft-injured Chris Kaman are "top 10 centers" nowadays.

Defensive awareness and rebounding is usually something that translates to any league. But he will definitely need to hit the gym to make the adjustment to the NBA. As soon he hits the gym harder, the quicker he becomes a "top 10 center"... but for him to become an "elite" center, at best, I'd probably say the full 4yr length of his rookie contract.
All good points. Plus to quote Zach Randolph "Im gonna work him hard in practice and get him tough". He said that he was goona be real rough on him in practice that way he would get used to hard play and get passed that part of the game.
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