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Default Sony killed the Vita for me (for now)

I had a preorder for Vita from Amazon. $249, kick ass machine, Uncharted first day. Fun. WIN WIN WIN.

Then, Sony announced the new proriety memory card format. For 16gb (which is what i would want, i really like downloads and have a lot) it would run me about $70. FOR SIXTEEN GIGS. WTF...why can't they use normal cards?

And now Sony has announced basically it is not region free with downloads. To use multiple accounts (like i did with my PSP) you would need to reset the entire machine every time. Before, you just needed to log in. Now you need to reset the entire freaking machine. Which means you can't, which means all my japanese games are shit. And future japanese games, nope.

I don't get what they are doing. 3DS at $250, sold shit. At $150, doing real well. So Vita, basically it's launching at $300 with the required memory card.

I'm sure at some point i'll have one. But it went from must buy to much later buy. I'm really dissapointed in what they have done.
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