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Default Re: How about this ..

If Kobe has to go.... then Mitch should do what it takes to get Hinrich... forget Gordon, he's a SG in a PGs body. I say get Hinrich, Wallace the #9 and another filler, let's say Nocioni. The Bulls will get to keep Deng and will have to live with Gordon at the point along with Kobe, Ty Thomas and PJ. That's still a great lineup for Chicago.

The Lakers should then use the #9 along with Lamar and Brown (instead of Bynum, now that #9 is there instead of #19) to get JO. Then trade whatever they can along with the #19 to get Artest.

Lineup would be:

Bench: Bynum, Turiaf, Mihm?, Evans, Farmar

This team after a year of playing together will definitely get to the 2nd round and possibly the conf. finals.
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