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Default Re: Official Pro Wrestling Thread

Orton's a victim of WWE's typical "ruin a cool heel" tendency.

Step 1: Heel gets over by being a badass/entertaining jerk

Step 2: Fans start getting entertained by them and cheer for them because they have that badass "I don't give a damn" attitude

Step 3: WWE realizes the person is getting cheered and decides to turn them into a face

Step 4: Instead of being a badass they start coming out every week and giving the exact same promo, being sure to use the phrase "WWE Universe" at least 10 times per segment

Step 5: Boredom ensues

Some fun/entertaining/badass heels that have been victims of the 5 step destruction:
Randy Orton
Alberto Del Rio
Miz (Though he was never really fun as a hell either)

The only case I can think of where this didnt happen is Daniel Bryan. They managed to make him a face without giving up the obnoxious "YES!!" chants that fans got behing. And he still argues with them and does the whole "NO!" thing/denies their cheers
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