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Default Re: Do You Blame Free Tacos for Our Team Doing So Well??

Originally Posted by High Potential
Hear me out. The free tacos inspired the team to play hard D, because the Lakers knew how pissed the fans fans get when they don't get their tacos. The chants of "We want tacos" from the fans also gave the Lakers comedic relief that they needed in tough times. Basically, it set the standard, even if subconciously that every game the Lakers had to hold their opponent to under 100. I personally think that the Tacos aren't the reason we are doing so well, but they are the catalyst as to why we're doing so well. The Tacos are what started things off, and the rest is history.

Hold on now! "blame" is the wrong word. CREDIT is a more aptly applied term. I credit the taco's!

Furthermore, I hereby nominate the tacos as teh sixth men of the year.
It's that whole, " if a butterfly flaps its wings on another continent" effect. Inevitably, the fans want results, the Lakers feel the pressure, the viewer wants a victory, and in reciprocation, the fans get their tacos!!

I don't care how the Lakers get it done!...The taco promotion is working.

This fact cannot be in dispute. So, I better not find out that the taco promotion is on the skids.

Darn I speak the Queens just scored 100+1!!

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