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I dunk on 12 year olds
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Originally Posted by Sticks
You'll get there then. I didn't get to dunking untill I was a year older then you because I wasn't really focussed on it. It just sort of came to me, ran a fastbreak, took up and want to lay it up and suddenly I realised I was dunking. Couldn't do it anymore for a few weeks after but it came in the flow of training.

I started doing some excercises during that off-season just like I'm planning on doing now. Working out my complete legs with leg pressing and squats. It's more to help me with rebounding then dunking though.

And a last piece of advice, be carefull when doing jumping exercises etc. on the blacktop. You don't want to end up with shin splints or other injuries.

Ye i hope to make it, but rebouding is a small part of my game, but it should become a big part.
Because i am the tallest player on my team, getting the rebound should be my thing, my timing and possitioning isnt very well at the moment, but im working on it.
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