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Default Re: Be Prepared For Moves

Originally Posted by bladefd
Stephen A Smith was saying earlier today on First Take that the Lakers/Celtics are revisiting the Rondo deal. Possibly Rondo+Bass for Gasol?

The problem, as he said, is that Rondo cannot shoot. It doesn't take any pressure off Kobe since Rondo would not be able to spread the floor.

I'm not sure how I feel about that rumor. Rondo would be the best PG that's been in LA in a really long time. Trading big for small never seems to be a great deal though. Rondo is the best PG that's rumored to be available. I think going after Sessions is just a band aid too, so I guess if we go after someone I'd rather it be a PG that's an all-star caliber player. Rondo not shooting the ball well from outside has worked well enough for Boston to win a title.... The Lakers would still need to address SF & PF at that point though. I'm not sure how they would plan on doing that.
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