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Default Re: Lakers Should Tank

Originally Posted by The Choken One
As a Laker fan I can say this...

They don't have to try and tank, they're going to no matter what. But Pau and Nash have the ability, doubt they will, to fhck up the possibility of landing a top 3 pick.

Trade Pau, or amnesty him if it's even possible. Lakers need to just look at next year's draft class and the free agency class. They don't have a prayer next year, but they can definitely set themselves up for a very bright future if they play their cards right.

Exactly. What we are witnessing is actually the beginning of the post Kobe era. Scrap Gasol and just lose lose lose. Then 2015 they will not only get a great pick but be in hot pursuit of Love Lebron Melo etc. They are down but it won't be long waiting for the turnaround. Just gotta sacrifice this year and piss off the stupid fans that don't see the big picture
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