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Default Your Post-up Move and Etc?

Haha , I studied the Dream Shake , and I owned my 22 year old uncle, lol.

first i did the famous move the fake and go back. (dream shake)

and the second time i did same thing but with addition to the up and under . damn I wish I recorded that joint.

he thought I was gonna do the same move.

and I also like to do the kobe's version up and under ..( move against the knicks). My Retarded friends call it a travel , lol.

I just love post-up moves like Up and under is my favorite , or sometimes with a shimmy and turn-around jumper.

im tryin to improve my ballhandling skills cuz I dribble like yao ming on fastbreak.
( i know he never did but imagine how we dribble. *like a lump*)
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