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Default Re: Your Post-up Move and Etc?

From the left block

1. Hook of the glass. It's a one footed hook (Kind of like a Magic Johnson Baby hook) drop stepping towards the baseline.

2. Fade away towards the baseline. If I am too far for the hook, then I will fade away Kobe esk.

3. Up and under. If they are expecting the hook or Fade and lunge forward... it's an easy layup. I usually don't even half to swing around like McHale cus my guy will be to the left of me, so I can just take my step forward and lay it up.

4. Fake the drop step toward the baseline and either do a little lefty hook... or more likely

5. Ron Artest little step through move. I do it when I feel the defender is trying to take away baseline... I'll just do a little drop step or hard dribble middle and lay it up.

Right Block

Baseline Fadeaway - By far my favorite shot. Ungaurdable basically (never had it blocked... rarely challenged)

Running Hook - Kind of like what Dwight does... but not that retarded I usually get by my guy enough to do like a sweeping motion off the glass.

Righty hook - sometimes It's a quick little flip... almost like what Chris Webber used to do. It's not the prettiest thing but it works alright. Sometimes it's a more traditional hook... depends who is guarding me.

Up and under - More of a traditional up and under because It's based on my right hook or middle fade away (which I use if I'm given a little space or if they really can't contest me). If they bite, they will go past me to might right and I will just step left and lay it up. Sometimes I will do the Kobe reverse pivot... depends on where they guy is.

Both Blocks

Spin move. I will spin off my defender from either block if they are guarding middle or are putting a lot of their weight into me. I get super low so people usually have to put in all their weight if they want to stop me from backing them down.

I will film myself tomorrow and show these moves and what they look like when I do them.
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