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Default Re: Time to trade my 40GB Old PS3 for a Slim?

Originally Posted by bdreason
If you trade it into gamestop, they will keep the system for at least an hour to insure it's working properly. If it's shutting off like you say within 10 minutes, gamestop won't give you a dime for it.
They wouldn't be able to fix it? Oh and it never over heats unless im in a game. I can also watch movies with no problems, I could be in the XMB for hours. Anyway This Happens every time in the summer, and only in the summer. Im tired of going through this every-summer so im sure it always works properly when it cools down outside. So for now I'll guess ill stick it out till then but only strong powered games like Black Ops and Uncharted it over heats quick. I can play 2k11 for like and hour and 20 min.

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