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Default Re: F uck vegans, like seriously.

Originally Posted by nathanjizzle
"oh, i have a cat or dog i love so much, i would take a bullet for him, but heres a steak im eating that came from a cow that was forced into a machine that cut his head off and hung him upside down"

That is so true, my facebook is full of BS like that.
Idiots posting pictures of baby seals being clubbed, cats in cages and dogs being slaughtered while freaking out over it. Then you ask them, "what's the difference between that cat and a cow?" and they go silent.

I've been a vegetarian for 5 years, I have never pushed my agenda or my beliefs about vegetarianism on anyone, not even my girlfriend. And I don't really care what people think about vegetarians or about animal rights because people simply don't care. But people who pretend to care or actually care as long as it comes to "cute" animals are true idiots and they piss me off.
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