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Default Re: Your Post-up Move and Etc?

Originally Posted by Rake2204
Historically, my post game has always been pretty weak. It's pretty much consisted off a mediocre right handed jump hook and not much else. Even when guarded by smaller players, I took it as a challenge to beat them from the perimeter as opposed to trying to post them up.

However, lately, I've made the smallest bit of headway in my post game. When guarded by much smaller players, I've begun establishing myself in the post (instead of coming off screens or v-cutting to the perimeter) and instead of trying to McHale my way to an easy basket, I've just been reverse pivoting (pre-dribble) and squaring my man up.

I know, it sounds simple, but it was sort of a eureka moment in terms of being able to find a big time advantage against a shorter, faster, and stronger defender. Facing up from the post often means that defender is in very close quarters (since he was just bodying me up). From there, I've noticed he's extremely vulnerable to virtually any move I make out of the triple threat, since he's so close.

I made a killing with that strategy lately. I know I'll have off days in that regard, but I was excited to hopefully establish another wrinkle to my game, no matter how simple.

I love those moments when you discover something that seems so simple yet so powerful for your game.

I love posting weaker players, in my Saturday pick up games, there's a couple of dudes, as soon as I get them isolated, I'll back them right into the paint.

I usually then proceed to either fake pass one way and spin the other or do a pump fake and turn around J the other. I am also fairly proficient at a step back up and under in the situation that I decide to face up.

However I tend to avoid facing up in the post, I struggle with the tighter space and am to afraid to risk turning the ball over.

How do you cope with the tight space/create your space of a face up Rake?
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